Pure ABS Card Base High-Performance

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ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a thermoplastic material with excellent mechanical properties, processability, and chemical stability. In the card manufacturing industry, pure ABS material is widely used due to its favorable characteristics.

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PCG card base layer, laser layer


Pure ABS Card Base






Double-sided matte Rz=4.0um~10.0um



Vicat (℃)


Tensile Strength (MD)



Detailed applications of ABS in card manufacturing

1. Key cards: ABS material is a popular choice for making key cards for hotels and other establishments. Its durability and wear resistance help maintain the card's functionality and appearance throughout its lifespan.

2. Membership cards: ABS material can be used to create membership cards for clubs, gyms, and various organizations. The strength and professional appearance of ABS make these cards more long-lasting and visually appealing.

3. Employee ID cards: Businesses and organizations often utilize ABS material for producing employee ID cards. Its durability and professional appearance help companies maintain a consistent brand image while providing employees with a secure form of identification.

4. Library cards: ABS material can be employed to manufacture library cards, providing patrons with a durable and wear-resistant card for long-term use.

5. Access control cards: ABS material is suitable for creating access control cards, which are used to grant access to restricted areas in offices, residential buildings, and other secure locations. The strength and durability of ABS ensure that these cards can withstand frequent use.

6. Prepaid phone cards: ABS material can be used to produce prepaid phone cards, which require durability and wear resistance for long-term functionality.

7. Parking cards: ABS material can be employed to create parking cards for residential buildings, commercial complexes, and public parking facilities. The strength and durability of ABS help maintain the card's functionality and appearance over time.

8. Loyalty cards: Businesses often use ABS material to manufacture loyalty cards for their customers. The material's durability and professional appearance make it ideal for handling the everyday wear and tear experienced by these cards.

9. Gaming cards: ABS material can be used to create gaming cards for various systems, providing a durable and wear-resistant option for avid gamers.

10. Eco-friendly cards: Although ABS is not as environmentally friendly as some other materials, it can still be used to create eco-friendly cards through the use of recycled ABS. This approach helps to reduce the environmental impact associated with card production.

In summary, ABS is a versatile material widely used in the card manufacturing industry due to its excellent performance and adaptability. Its durability, wear resistance, and ease of processing make it a popular choice for a wide range of card applications, from everyday identification cards to specialized cards used in various industries.

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